What I want from Covergence and Secret Wars

Convergence kicks off in earnest this week and Secret Wars are on the way.  Both promise to shake things up in their respective companies; just how much we don’t know yet.  But like with any event series there are things you hope for and things you hope against.  Having read a good bit of the recent events from both companies I can name a few things I’d like to see and a few things I hope they avoid.  Here we go:

Deaths done right:

We’ve already been teased that somebody important in the New 52 continuity will be buying it during Convergence, and we shouldn’t be surprised to see somebody get their card punched permanently during Secret Wars.  There are right ways and wrong ways to do it.  Any characters that get killed off need to stay killed off, at least long enough to not render the killing null and void just a few months after it happens.  Good examples of how to do it right?  Crisis on Infinite Earths of course, where Supergirl and Barry Allen’s Flash went out and stayed out for a long time.  On the Marvel side Charles Xavier getting killed at the end Avengers vs X-Men was well done and has stuck all the way through today.

On the flip side there’s Bruce Wayne’s “death” at the end of Final Crisis.  While it did set up a great run with Dick Grayson filling in as Batman, it was a forgone conclusion that Bruce would be back thus rendering what was supposed to be a gripping moment just another comic story.  Another bad example if Ultimatum from Ultimate Marvel, aka kill most of the universe off to make it easier to pull the plug on the whole thing shortly after.  I really hope that whoever gets killed goes out in a meaningful, heroic way and stays out long enough to make their demise remain an important event.

secret wars

Some real changes

I’m not for flipping the whole universe around just because, and I don’t think that’s going to happen in either place.  But you can’t just change nothing either.  When it’s all over there had better be some new allies and some broken allegiances, some minor players who rose to the occasion and some stalwarts who drop the ball.  Marvel’s Infinity was a major letdown here.  When the series ended there was almost nothing new as a result.  The new enemies they propped up were dispatched in short order by the usual suspects, and all the teams remained as they had been going in.  On the other hand Forever Evil from DC resulted in Lex Luthor joining the Justice League and the ARGUS-backed Justice League America taking a walk.  That’s the kind of thing you hope for.  Marvel looks like they’re showing some promise here with the teased post-Secret Wars Avengers team of Miles Morales, Ms. Marvel, Lady Thor, and Sam Wilson’s Captain America among others.  That’s the kind of thing that need to come out of these stories if we’re going to remember them fondly.

Good stories

At the end the day if we get that it’s all good.  Give me something I can go back to and re-read over and over years from now.  I still go back to Avengers vs X-Men and Blackest Night.  On the other hand when I finished Infinity I put the whole series in the recycling bin.  I hope to get the former and not the latter from both big events.  If we can get that it’s a win all around.


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