Recap – WWE Beast in the East


This is going to be quick and easy.  The show was more for the live crowd at the Sumo Hall in Tokyo than us watching on the WWE Network.  Fans there don’t get to see John Cena live regularly and say what you want he’s the biggest name in the company for the last ten years.  So that’s why he was in a meaningless, foregone conclusion tag team match for the main event which also ran longer than the other matches.  Brock Lesnar is another big attraction that they want to showcase so they put him on in a squash match against Kofi Kingston.  The rest of the card gave both us watching and the people in the building something to see.  Chris Jericho is a Japanese wrestling legend, so having him drop in for this show (and win the match) makes perfect sense.   He and Neville put on a hell of a show.  It’s time to get Neville in some longer matches stateside where he can really show off all he can do.  The Divas match was better than what we get on RAW any week and a lot of the pay per view stuff they do.  And the Finn Balor-Kevin Owens match was awesome as expected.

So does this show have any implications on future WWE stuff back home?  The NXT title match sure does.  With Balor as the champ now, Owens’ days on NXT are likely numbered.  Balor will be the man for the next few months, and we’ll likely get some matches with Hideo Itami out of that.  Will Owens kick off his main roster call up with a U.S. Title win over John Cena?  We shall see.  And how long will Balor stick around as NXT champ before he gets called up?  It’s obvious the company thinks he’s a star to be; it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if he’s on the main roster before WrestleMania.  There’s no point in keeping him in NXT if he’s ready to go.  Once he helps get Itami over to be the next beltholder he’s likely as good as gone.

A big loser out of this may be Sami Zaiyn.  We were all singing his praises just a few months ago.  Some people liked his potential on the main roster more than Neville’s.  But since losing to Owens he’s been surpassed by both Owens and Balor on the ‘guys we want to see up North’ list.  If Balor gets a quick green light then somebody is going to have to stay in NXT to hold the fort down while the roster gets replenished (Neville, Owens, and the Ascension have all moved up while Tyson Kidd came back within the last year).  That will probably be Zaiyn by default.  Sami will get called up eventually but he may have to wait a while until the dust settles from all of this.

All in all, a good show.  Two great matches made it worth watching.  The rest was skip worthy but if you wanted to stay on and watch you wouldn’t feel like you wasted your time.


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