Nostalgia Weekend

This weekend is going to be a major throwback for me.  Sunday night I’m going with my son to see the WWE Live tour, and Monday night I’m going solo to RAW in Baltimore.  Sunday is going to bring back some memories for me; my Dad and used to go to house shows back when I was a kid and now I get to do that with my son.  The first one my Dad and I went to was at the old Capital Centre in Landover, and Hulk Hogan was in the main event defending the WWE (then WWF) Title against Terry Funk.  Randy “Macho Man” Savage took on the Junkyard Dog, the Hart Foundation faced the Killer Bees, and Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat went up against “The Magnificent” Don Muraco.  We went to several more over the years, and I went to some others with friends when I got a little older.  I also saw at various times Ric Flair, Sting, Lex Luger, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Dusty Rhodes, the Ultimate Warrior, The Road Warriors, The Four Horsemen, the Rock n Roll and Midnight Expresses, and Nikita Koloff.  Sunday we’re going to see John Cena and Kevin Owens, among others.

And the Monday it’s back to Baltimore.  I was there this past May for Payback, and this will be my fist time going there for RAW.  But I have a lot of memories of Baltimore, too, the biggest one being the 1990 Great American Bash where Sting won the NWA (later WCW) World Title from Ric Flair.

sting flair 1990

For those who are newer to the wrestling game, Baltimore has lots of history.  Most of it NWA/WCW related but that doesn’t diminish it in a WWE-only world (I know there are other companies but most fans only care about the WWE and you know it).  Flair defending the title at the Bash was a summertime staple for three straight years from 1988 through 1990, and the show was held there five more times through the 90s as the NWA turned into WCW.  The Bash, the NWA/WCW and Baltimore were pretty inseparable.  Payback was a pretty good show but I’m really geeked to be heading to RAW Monday night.

All that being said, getting a chance to carry on something from generation to generation is one of the best parts of life, and I’m blessed and thankful for the chance to do that.


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