Royal Rumble 2017 Picks/Hopes

That image was how RAW closed out Monday, will one of these three be the winner? I doubt it.  I do think it’s pretty clear that there will be some set pieces involving the three during the match, against each other as well as with some of the other behemoths like Big Show and Braun Strowman.  If I have to pick a winner….I’m gonna have some fun and go out on a limb: The Miz. Hey, why not?  Cena wins title number 16 here, Miz gets the shot at Wrestlemania and wins the title there. Then Cena can break the record later.   As for the rest of the show…

If I was in charge it would go like this:

  • Cesaro and Sheamus retain the RAW Tag Team Titles over Gallows & Anderson via DQ
  • Nia Jax beats Sasha Banks through some kind of screwjob finish to set up rematch at Wrestlemania
  • Alexa Bliss, Mickie James and Natalya beat Becky Lynch, Nikki Bella and Naomi – James gets the pin
  • Charlotte retains the RAW Women’s Title against Bayley
  • Neville beats Rich Swann to win the Cruiserweight Title
  • Roman Reigns wins the Universal Title from Kevin Owens
  • John Cena wins the World Title from AJ Styles
  • Miz wins the Royal Rumble match

Now I do think it’s actually gonna go that way?  Mostly.  The two big title matches and the Rumble match are where they’re most likely to do something different. Owens keeping the title pushes out the buildup for the breakup and match between him and Jericho and runs the risk of rushing that on the back end, but then again a few more weeks to plant seeds on the front end isn’t a bad thing in itself.  If you save the split until February at Fastlane then that show will actually have a purpose.

And of course there’s the whole thing with the Roman Reigns haters booing hard if Owens drops the title to.him, even if it’s in the name of furthering an angle they’ve enjoyed.  I have to give it to the Reigns haters; I really thought they’d get bored, give up and move on but they’ve managed to stick to their nonsensical stance. I guess if not wanting to admit you’re wrong is that important you should keep at it…you know, perseverance and all.  I guess.  You’ll show Vince eventually, right?  After all you did win a small victory with him not being in the Rumble….LOL.

The other big mystery is what happens with Seth Rollins. He’s supposedly out of luck after losing to Sami Zayn Monday Night and not having a spot in the Rumble.  I’m betting that somehow gets rectified Sunday night and he ends up in the match.  The fun part will be how they do it.  And once he’s in there, does Triple H finally show up and confront him? Hunter causing him to get eliminated after he fins his way back in seems a no brainer here.  And lastly, there is the matter of Kenny Omega.  He said he isn’t coming, and that should settle it.  Don’t let yahoos on social media or dirtsheets get your hopes up that he’s going to be there, and don’t let there post show protestations sway you into thinking that Vince ‘blew it’ by not getting him there.

Anyhow…..the show is just one day away now.  We’ll see what happens.  My advice is always to sit back and enjoy the show.  It’s supposed to be a fun diversion from the serious things in life; if you’re treating it like literal war and peace you’re doing it wrong.


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