As everyone who frequents the site knows I hit up Awesome Con in DC every year, and 2019 was no exception. This year I got to stay a little longer and get a lot more pictures, although I didn’t get to do multiple days for the second year in a row.  If you can I really do recommend doing at least Friday and Saturday at these things, it makes it so much easier to fit everything in at an easier pace.   But if you can only do one day then do Saturday even though it is the busiest day of the weekend, because that’s when just about all of the cosplayers come through for pictures.  I always try to focus on people who are wearing new or different characters than what you always see there – Batman, Spider-Man, Deadpool, Joker, Harley Quinn, Jedi & Stormtroopers are always there in droves. But of course I was unable to get a shot of the newest thing I saw this year – a bunch of guys dressed as Kobra Kai. Now that may just be a local thing (Ralph Macchio and William Zabka of Karate Kid and Kobra Kai fame were guests this year), but we’ll see when I head to Baltimore this fall.

There was a special attraction this year, a special Batman exhibit to mark his 80th birthday. They had all the suits, batarangs (see below), and villain costumes from most of the movies (out of sheer principle I did not take any pictures of the Mr. Freeze or Poison Ivy suits from Batman & Robin, because we don’t need any reminders of the movie) on display and the whole thing was really cool.

The other big highlight for me this year was meeting the one and only Sting, who I saw win the NWA World Title from Ric Flair back in 1990. Getting a picture with one the wrestlers I grew watching was a real blast, as you can see here:

Like I always say, it is crucial to have a good pair of shoes because you are gonna be doing a whole lot of walking around the convention floor. Let me tell you an old or bad pair of shoes will make for an awful and awfully short day so don’t get caught out there like that.  The convention floor is always a lot bigger than you think and at the Convention Center in DC you do a lot of walking just to get to it so be prepared.

The photo op experience was a lot more efficient this year; they got the lines in and out really quick once they got moving so kudos to the staff there for making that work so well. Anybody’s who stood in line for those will tell you it can be pure hell sometimes if it’s not moving well and I’ve been in that situation enough times so any improvement is good. I didn’t get any books signed this time but a lot of the same people will be back in Baltimore in October so I’ll shoot for that then.

Like I always do, my full photo reel can be found on my Facebook page. But here are a few more shots I took from the day:

Darth Vader, this guy had the full breathing sounds and everything going on:

Rocket Racoon, this guy nailed it:

And lastly, a Power Ranger Megazord:

I had a great time once again. If you there are any cons in your area I definitely recommend giving one a go.  I still have making it to New York or San Diego on my bucket list, so one day hopefully.  Until next year for DC everyone!


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