What about Chris Benoit?

The past week or so has seen a resurgence in mentions of the name Chris Benoit, obviously set off by the first two episodes of the Dark Side of the Ring series on Vice TV. And with it the weird discussion about how he should be handled by us and the WWE given how he … Continue reading What about Chris Benoit?


WWE Night of Champions Recap

In recent years Night of Champions has been somewhat of a throwaway event in that the big belt usually doesn't change hands.  (The last time being in 2011; there were Dusty finishes in 2012 and 2013)  While there are always some title changes to justify the name of the event, you'd have a hard time … Continue reading WWE Night of Champions Recap

Retro Recap – Starrcade 87

Starrcade 87 was the NWA's first foray into pay per view, and it didn't go particularly well on the business side.  Starrcade had become a Thanksgiving tradition for the NWA and was one of the biggest days on the wrestling calendar. second to only WrestleMania.  So of course when pay per view became a thing, … Continue reading Retro Recap – Starrcade 87