The past few years during WrestleMania season I’ve run a couple of guest pieces on women’s wrestling, submitted by Tanya of the Suplexes and Shea Butter Podcast. You can find her at @TheWitchMilitia on Twitter. Here’s some of her previous work from 2021 , 2022 , and 2023.

The last time I wrote about this topic, I was speaking about the void that was left in the WWE women’s division by the walkouts of former WWE stars Sasha Banks and Naomi, Mercedes Varnardo and Trinity Fatu respectively. Since last sharing my thoughts, Mercedes has signed to New Japan Pro Wrestling under the moniker Mercedes Mone. She has already been champion and lost. I will speak more on her impact leaving WWE another time but today is about Miss Trinity Fatu, who debuted on Impact Wrestling May 4.  

Since the word go, a portion of the IWC has portrayed Trinity as a pawn for Mercedes in this disagreement with WWE. Her agency has been removed or reduced to being a part of someone else’s issue even though her fans have long suggested she was tired of being minimized in her role in the company. Naomi was always always more over than her push. She was never treated like a big deal despite the audience treating her that way.

When it was announced that Trinity had signed to Impact Wrestling, a lot was made about the level Impact is and if it was a major step down for the talent.  In my estimation even though Impact has a smaller audience, Trinity is in a better place overall. Her presentation from the moment she was announced to be a part of the company has been worlds apart from treatment of her former employer.

Impact made it clear that they see her as a draw and according to fan reports of her debut match, perhaps she is. She will definitely get a chance to show it. Trinity finally has a true opportunity to shine as bright as she can here. Less workload with a higher profile sounds appealing after ten years of dealing with working hurt only to be talked to crazy on some “Just shut up and wrestle” deal.

Trinity is a star. Impact Wrestling knows it. Sensible Wrestling fans know that. Even her fellow wrestlers know it. If you have not seen her debut, please check it out if for no other reason than to witness Impact Knockout’s World Champion, Donna Purrazzo, be visibly nervous to work with her. Because even as the current top of the division, she recognized how many more people will be seeing her now because of Trinity. 

Priorities in the business are different for all wrestlers. A lot of wrestlers would rather deal with the well known messiness and downright demoralizing work environment for their entire careers. And that is fine for them. However, some reach their limit and know that they are worth more than WWE is willing to give, so they seek it elsewhere. And I am happy to follow Trinity elsewhere. She is worth it. And Impact appreciates it. I’m just here for the ride!


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