No more Civil Wars or Injustices

I wrote a few weeks back on Civil War 2 and where I thought it went wrong, but after reading DC's Injustice story, I've become convinced that these large scale heroes divided stories need to go away and never come back.  In each case you can read comments and reviews that say the story started … Continue reading No more Civil Wars or Injustices


Mockingbird, harassment, and changing times

Last week the final issue of Mockingbird hit the stores, and with it another excellent comic that flew under the radar and didn't get enough support bit the dust. Now comic books get cancelled all the time so this one coming to an end isn't Earth shattering news on its own. But what makes it … Continue reading Mockingbird, harassment, and changing times

Comic Review – Secret Wars #9 (and the series)

Warning: This has some spoilers Secret Wars is finally all finished.  After countless delays, the ninth and final issue came out this Wednesday.  So now we have the resolution behind the big event that was billed to be changing the Marvel Universe forever.  Did it do that?  Was the wrap up to the story worth … Continue reading Comic Review – Secret Wars #9 (and the series)

Comic Review – Zacariah Thorn #1

Written by Scott Reichert, Art by Bonkz Seriosa, Colors by Robert Reichert Time for another comic review, this one from Indigo Comics.  Zachariah Thorn is a supernatural/horror comic centered around the title character, a young man who inadvertently unleashed all kinds of dark mystical forces on the world and takes on the mission of ridding … Continue reading Comic Review – Zacariah Thorn #1