Retro Recap – WrestleMania 12

WrestleMania 12 took place a few months before Hulk Hogan and WCW would shake up the wrestling business with the heel turn heard around the world. It was a real interesting time in that some major roster changes were about to take place that would have totally spoiled if they were to happen today. Scott … Continue reading Retro Recap – WrestleMania 12


Roman’s Main Events

The weeping and gnashing of teeth over Roman Reigns winning the Elimination Chamber match and getting a fourth straight WrestleMania main event is in full effect now. But rather that fight people on the internet over it, I have a simple question. Which WrestleMania main event would you have taken Roman out of? I'm running … Continue reading Roman’s Main Events

Retro Recap – WrestleMania 2000

WrestleMania 2000 took place at kind of the midpoint of the Attitude Era in that the in ring action would get demonstrably better after this show than it had been before, thanks to an infusion of talent from WCW (Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Eddie Guererro, Perry Saturn) and their own ranks (Kurt Angle, … Continue reading Retro Recap – WrestleMania 2000

Rewriting History – WrestleMania 27

With all the chatter there has been about the Undertaker coming back one more time to take on John Cena (a bad idea that thankfully looks like it's not going to happen), I started thinking of when this match could and should have happened instead. I'm not a big fantasy booking guy anyway, so for … Continue reading Rewriting History – WrestleMania 27

Retro Recap – WrestleMania VII

WrestleMania VII.....did Vince think we were stupid?  I generally believe that in the long view, Vince knows what he's doing better than us laymen.  But in the short run, like anyone else, he's had his share of brain farts.  This was one of them.  Wrestlemania VII, dubbed Superstars and Stripes Forever, was a blatant, jingoistic … Continue reading Retro Recap – WrestleMania VII

Retro Recap – WrestleMania XI

WrestleMania XI was at the height of the New Generation Era, where the company tried to show it had moved on for good from Hulkamania and was all in with new people.  After perhaps the biggest course correction in 'Mania history with WrestleMania X, it was time to keep the momentum going.  Only one problem: … Continue reading Retro Recap – WrestleMania XI

Retro Recap – WrestleMania 27

WrestleMania 27 marked a crossroads of sorts for the company.  We were nine years into the first brand split, and there had been an exodus of some pretty big names: Shawn Michaels to retirement, Batista to MMA (and eventually Hollywood), and Chris Jericho (back to the music business).  The Undertaker had been absent for months, … Continue reading Retro Recap – WrestleMania 27