Thank You Bruno

The news came down today that Bruno Sammartino passed away at 82 years old. If you don't know, Bruno wasn't just the first big star for what was then the World Wide Wrestling Federation, he was champion for almost eight years uninterrupted and was the prototype for what would come later with Hulk Hogan, the … Continue reading Thank You Bruno


Retro Recap – WrestleMania 2000

WrestleMania 2000 took place at kind of the midpoint of the Attitude Era in that the in ring action would get demonstrably better after this show than it had been before, thanks to an infusion of talent from WCW (Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Eddie Guererro, Perry Saturn) and their own ranks (Kurt Angle, … Continue reading Retro Recap – WrestleMania 2000

Rewriting History – WrestleMania 27

With all the chatter there has been about the Undertaker coming back one more time to take on John Cena (a bad idea that thankfully looks like it's not going to happen), I started thinking of when this match could and should have happened instead. I'm not a big fantasy booking guy anyway, so for … Continue reading Rewriting History – WrestleMania 27

Retro Recap – Starrcade 1998

Starrcade 98 was a real crossroads moment of sorts for WCW.  After a year of losing ground in the TV ratings war to the WWF but still making good money otherwise, they had to decide what direction to take their biggest star of the moment, Goldberg, and what to do with the remnants of the … Continue reading Retro Recap – Starrcade 1998

Retro Recap – Great American Bash 1988

I was inspired to go back and look at this by the shark cage Chris Jericho is going to be in at the Rumble, because this one had such a match on the card.  More on that later.  What's more interesting about this one is that it was essentially the last hurrah for the Four … Continue reading Retro Recap – Great American Bash 1988

Retro Recap – Clash of the Champions I

With Clash of the Champions making a return as an event this coming Sunday I thought it would be cool to take a look back at the original one that happened almost 20 years ago way back in 1988.  Unlike this year's show the first was a strike back at the WWF by Jim Crockett's … Continue reading Retro Recap – Clash of the Champions I