A night at MSG for WWE Smackdown

I had the pleasure of hitting up the Super Smackdown at Madison Square Garden on September 10. It was my first time heading to MSG, and it was great. It was easily the best episode of Smackdown in some time and without a doubt since fans have returned. I got some pictures from the night, … Continue reading A night at MSG for WWE Smackdown

WrestleMania 37 Deeper Thoughts

https://twitter.com/Kazeem/status/1382386427523129350?s=19 Indeed it was, and not because of the number of participants but because of the roles they were given, from headliners to defending champions to rising stars to young prospects to wily veterans here to help said young prospects. There was a level of trust to Black wrestlers at this show, for the ring … Continue reading WrestleMania 37 Deeper Thoughts