2022, my year in Comics

2022 was a rough year for me in the comic book world. There were some books I lost my way with and others I just dropped because I couldn't deal anymore. The biggest thing is that I fell out of hard with the current runs of Batman. It started back when they did the great … Continue reading 2022, my year in Comics


Deeper Thoughts on Falcon and Winter Soldier

The subtitle of this miniseries could really be "Screwed by the System", because that's what most of the important characters and even a few minor ones have in common with each other. From Sam to Bucky to Sharon to Zemo to Walker to Isaiah to the Flag Smashers, they've all been done dirty in one … Continue reading Deeper Thoughts on Falcon and Winter Soldier

Movie Review – Avengers: Infinity War

This really isn't just one movie. It's the culmination of a 10 year endeavor that began with a gamble on a troubled Hollywood actor in Robert Downey Jr. and that making good movies that people enjoyed would overcome having to rely on B and C list characters from the Marvel Comics roster. It's also the … Continue reading Movie Review – Avengers: Infinity War

Final thoughts on Secret Empire 

First up, logistical kudos go out to everyone involved.  Every issue came out on time, and they kept it to the number of issues that were announced.  No adding on 'unplanned extra' issues after it started like Civil War 2 or Secret Wars.  And because there were no delays we don't have the awkward situation … Continue reading Final thoughts on Secret Empire