Retro Recap – Battleground 2017

Battleground 2017 was one of the most critically panned pay per views in modern history.  On paper it wasn't a bad show but as it unfolded with each match it just seemed like everything was taking the worst possible turn it could.  And over it all loomed the shadow of the Punjabi Prison Match, and … Continue reading Retro Recap – Battleground 2017


Retro Recap – One Night Stand 2008

I've been going through the years I missed while on breaks from watching wrestling, and now I'm halfway through 2008. 2007 ended on a pretty lackluster note with John Cena out injured for months and Chris Benoit's murder/suicide casting a huge shadow over the entire business and forcing some much needed cleaning up both in … Continue reading Retro Recap – One Night Stand 2008

Retro Recap – Hell in a Cell 2012

I figured that with Hell in a Cell on the way in a few days it was time for a Retro Recap of one of the previous offerings of this event.  It's only been around as a standalone pay per view since 2009 I believe so there's some history but not like Summerslam or WrestleMania.  … Continue reading Retro Recap – Hell in a Cell 2012

Retro Recap – Unforgiven 2004

Unforgiven went down in September of 2004, about a month after Summerslam.  The company was still reeling a bit from Brock Lesnar leaving after WrestleMania XX, and was getting by with JBL as the main champion on Smackdown while Triple H's Evolution (with Ric Flair and two youngsters named Randy Orton and Bautista) was sucking … Continue reading Retro Recap – Unforgiven 2004

Retro Recap – WrestleMania 27

WrestleMania 27 marked a crossroads of sorts for the company.  We were nine years into the first brand split, and there had been an exodus of some pretty big names: Shawn Michaels to retirement, Batista to MMA (and eventually Hollywood), and Chris Jericho (back to the music business).  The Undertaker had been absent for months, … Continue reading Retro Recap – WrestleMania 27