Women’s Wrestling on TV in 2021

Note: this is an ongoing project that will be updated throughout the year.  All the data on matches and match times was taken from http://www.profightdb.com and http://www.cagematch.net. I'm logging all of the televised women's matches for WWE, AEW, and Impact up to this point for the year, and through all of 2021.  Now I know … Continue reading Women’s Wrestling on TV in 2021

WrestleMania 37 Deeper Thoughts

https://twitter.com/Kazeem/status/1382386427523129350?s=19 Indeed it was, and not because of the number of participants but because of the roles they were given, from headliners to defending champions to rising stars to young prospects to wily veterans here to help said young prospects. There was a level of trust to Black wrestlers at this show, for the ring … Continue reading WrestleMania 37 Deeper Thoughts