Double duty week for me, as I did the Fairfax house show the night after Backlash.  Several of the matches were rematches from the night before.  Check out my Facebook page for a few of the videos I took but I got some pictures, too.  Here’s what I saw.

Miz vs Dolph Ziggler 

This was the opener, but was a non title match. As with the pay per view match, their experience working together made for a good match. Maryse did a great job interfering for her husband until the ref made her leave. The house crowds love Dolph; I’ve seen him on three of them and he always gets a good reaction. Nice exchange at the end and Dolph gets the win.

Nikki Bella vs Carmella

Our first of two women’s matches.  Nikki and Carmella continued their feud here.  Carmella jumped her to start the match like any self respecting heel would do; she’s made the transition pretty well.  Nikki got the win with her finsher.

Apollo Crews vs Baron Corbin

Our first rematch of the night. Went pretty much the same way the first one did. Corbin played to crowd well and got some good heat.

Six Man Tag Match

This was the Hype Bros and Jason Jordan vs the Vaudevillans and one of the Ascension. Mojo Rawley of the Hype Bros is a local guy and the crowd was pretty hot for him.  I was even sitting in what could be called the Mojo section with a bunch of people wearing Hype Bros shirts.  The good guys worked the crowd the whole match and it was a fun time.  The good guys won.

Kane vs Fandango

This was a comedy bit as both members of Breezango challenged Kane to dance off and he responded with a double chokeslam.

John Cena and Randy Orton vs The Wyatt Family 

John still gets the biggest reactions of the night. He did most of the work for his team; Randy is still working the injury I think.  All four guys worked the crowd really well.  Nice back and forth and a really cool closing sequence with of course, and RKO for the win. 

Becky Lynch and Naomi vs Natalya and Alexa Bliss

We got two women’s matches, and the crowd was into both of them. What a difference a year and some real emphasis makes. Natalya and Alexa played the heel role well, and the crowd definitely likes their new Women’s champion.  Naomi’s entrance is just as cool in person as on TV.  Good match, won by Becky and Naomi.

Tag Team Title Match

A rematch from Backlash between Slater/Rhyno and the Usos.  They worked pretty much the same match as Sunday with a similar finish. 

Main Event – AJ Styles vs Dean Ambrose for the WWE World Title 

Styles entrance is pretty cool to see in person

Another rematch from Sunday night, but AJ and Dean worked this one a lot differently, even doing some comedy spots.

Both guys played to the crowd really well, and like at Backlash Dean kicked things up a notch to keep up. AJ is just the best guy working right now.  AJ cheated to win, but Dean thwarted a post match beatdown to hit his finisher and end the show on a happy note.

All in all a good show and a fun time. Until next year!


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