This past weekend I did Baltimore Comic-Con, and it was awesome.  Got some autographs, took a lot of pictures, saw a lot of cool stuff.  After doing a few ‘Cons, I have a few tidbits of advice:

  • Wear some good, comfortable walking shoes or sneakers.  You’re going to be doing a lot of walking all over the convention hall and the last thing you need is for your feet to start hurting.
  • Get a three day pass.  If you’re coming in from out of town, this is a no brainer.  But even if you’re  going to a local one it’s best to spread your experience out over multiple days.  Between any shopping you might do, waiting in line for signatures or photo ops, it’s best to not try and squeeze it all into one day.  And if the one you’re going to is like this one, then two individual tickets will cost you the same as a three day pass so you might as well get the three day.
  • Plan your days well and get some intel.  Shop on Friday when there’s the fewest number of people there and the most merchandise available for sale.  If the people you want signatures from will be there until Sunday, see if you can hold out until then.  The crowds will be smaller and the lines will move faster.  And find out: Is the con you’re going to more oriented towards actual comics re: who the guests are, or is more of a pop culture con?  Baltimore is much more comic oriented; almost all the guests are comic book writers and artists.  On the other hand Awesome Con in DC was chock full of TV and movie actors and pro wrestlers along with a good bit of comic people.  And the big ones in NY and San Diego are largely about movie news, trailer releases, etc.

And now on to the photos.  Enjoy!

The Bat Family and the Joker


Deadpool for President!


Boba and Jango Fett


Another Boba Fett


Captain America and Black Widow


Iron Man (or woman in this case)


Artist Darwyn Cooke signing some books


And lastly, my big prize for the weekend, a Scott Snyder-signed issue of Batman 44


That’s all for this year.  I’ll be back next year for this one and Awesome Con in DC.


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