This is way late but I just got around to seeing it last week.  Look at this as a perspective from after the hype and hoopla died down…..or just see as it as good use of 30 seconds of your time.


Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds), former military man turned mercenary for hire, gets cancer and undergoes a crazy procedure to get cured and ends up with super powers.  When his girlfriend gets kidnapped, he works a few of the X-Men to get her back.

What worked for me

They stayed true to the character.  No attempts to water it down or make it palatable to kids.  Deadpool isn’t a kid friendly character so you shouldn’t try to make him one.  All the fuss about future R-rated comic book movies needs to be put on ice; there’s a huge difference between what would constitute and R-rated Batman or Wolverine (most likely showing things on screen that are normally just implied to have happened and maybe adding in a lot of profanity) movie and this here.  There are graphic, blood splatter heavy shootings and impalements, the full spectrum of dirty four letter words, and sex scenes.  Yeah, you’re not going to see all of that in a Batman or Wolverine movie.

That’s not all they did to stay true to essence of the character, either.  We got all the humor, wisecracks, and fourth wall breaking that we’re used to.  The opening credits were even hilarious.  They took not so subtle digs at Reynolds’ Green Lantern debacle, his horrendous portrayal of Deadpool in Wolverine: Origins, the conflicting timelines in the X-Men films, and more.  Clearly Ryan Reynolds and the rest of the gang behind this movie weren’t just trying to make a good Deadpool movie but were also out to atone for his past comic book movie sins.  And they accomplished it 100 percent.  This movie gave you exactly what you expected from it in the best way.

What didn’t

Not much, really.  The sequence where Wade goes through the process to become Deadpool dragged a little for me, but with the movie only running a hour and 48 minutes that’s not horrible.

Overall Grade: 9/10

Hilarious from start to finish, no major flaws.  Well written and well acted, with some hilarious cameos I won’t spoil for you if by some chance you haven’t seen it yet.  Not being a regular Deapool reader allowed me to go in with no expectations or demands as far as how they handled it, but I’ve heard from enough Deadpool fans to know that they nailed it here.  Don’t let your kids watch it, but it’s a must see.


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