I thought I’d have a little fun with the Suicide Squad movie that’s coming on Friday.  One of the key premises behind the Suicide Squad is that somebody on the team is going to die.  Between the bombs in their necks placed by Amanda Waller and the very nature of their mission, somebody is going to take the biggest L out there before the movie’s over.  But at the same time, there are absolutely some characters who you want to keep around for sequels or use in future DC movies.  So who might it be?  Let’s run through the characters and see.

Harley (and Joker):  OK, let’s get through the obvious ones here.  Harley’s been a breakout character in the comics and it’s clear they’re trying to do that in the movies.  Joker is Joker; what’s the point of bringing him in to kill him off before he can show up in a Batman movie?  So yeah, they’re not dying here.  Chances of surviving: 100%

Deadshot: Deadshot is a mainstay of the team, and Will Smith is playing him.  Those alone suggest he’s safe.  The only caveats are: killing off Smith’s character is an ‘anyone can get it’ move, and nobody who doesn’t read DC Comics cares about Deadshot anyway.  But I think he’s safe. Chances of surviving: 90%

Captain Boomerang: Like Deadshot, Boomerang is a Squad mainstay.  And Jai Courtney is one of the cast members who’s been talked up on social media and what not.  But he’s vulnerable for the same reasons as Deadshot.  I think he’s probably safe, but not as much as Deadshot. Chances of surviving: 75%

Slipknot:  Yeah, he’s good as dead.  Even DC readers don’t care about Slipknot.  Literally no one will miss him when he’s gone.  If somebody is going to catch the neck bomb it’s him.  Chances of surviving: 0

Killer Croc: Like Courtney, Adewale Akinnouye-Agbaje has been talked up a lot on social media for his performace.  And as a Batman villain, you want him available for the Batman film if need be.  Other than the ‘anyone can get it’ premise, I think he’s safe. Chances of surviving: 75%

El Diablo: If Slipknot is the favorite for the neck bomb Diablo has to be a favorite to be killed in action.  He’s got some cool fire shooting powers and will undoubtedly get a ‘light em up’ scene or two before he goes out, but I don’t see him making it.  Not as much of a shoo in as Slipknot, but likely. Chances of surviving: 35%

Enchantress:  Not sure here.  She’s expendable as far as DC characters in movies go, but they may want to keep her around since she’s going to be in the new comic series.  Chances of surviving: 50%

Rick Flag:  There are two proper ‘good guys’ in this movie, Flag and Katana.  Flag hasn’t been seen in the comics since before the New 52 era started in 2011, so if you’re not a long time DC reader he’s just a guy to you.  He is scheduled to show up in Rebirth so that bodes well for his survival chances here.  But if they want to dispose of someone who’s not insignificant, he’s your man.  Chances of surviving: 60%

Katana: Katana is the other potential breakout character from this movie.  DC has tried doing more with her in the comics to no avail, but she could easily become the Black Widow of the DC film world, a C-lister who catches on in the films and develops a big following.  That should mean she’s completely safe, but…….there’s always the chance that the people making the movie completely whiffed on that front.  Of all the ladies in the movie she’s gotten the least recognition so far – Harley is the big star, Enchantress has been a morbid curiosity, and Amanda Waller is being played by Viola Davis – and that may mean the filmmakers have deemed her expendable.  Which would be bad, but you never know what these guys are thinking.  I know Joss Whedon would have her killed dead, easy.  Chances of Survival: 50%

Batman – Just kidding.





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