• Nia Jaxx vs Alicia Fox – We’ve reached the point with Nia Jaxx where she needs to face competitive opponents, and she got one in Alicia Fox.  Fox has never been one of the more highly regarded women on the roster, but she’s gotten better over time and she did her job really here.  She got in some good offense before getting beat and the two told a nice little story in the few minutes they had to work.  The match was the right way to do a pre show.
  • Tag Title Match: New Day (c) vs Gallows & Anderson – I thought the match was short but pretty good, but it’s time for the titles to change hands.  New Day has had a great run but it’s time to make the tag scene competitive again.  Gallows and Anderson should have gotten the win and the titles here.
  • Cruiserweight Title Match: TJ Perkins (c) vs Brian Kendrick – Another good match here.  Perkins doesn’t fly around as much as some of the other cruisers so I had to adjust my thinking as I watched it. But he’s really good at his style and Kendrick played a good foil. Perkins’ knee bar finisher is an acquired taste but it’s a good move.  It looks like these two aren’t done even though Perkins won it clean.  I can go for another match between them with some heat now that Kendrick has gone full heel.
  • Cesaro vs Sheamus – This was the last match of their best of seven series and to be honest I wasn’t all that interested going in except to see who won.  How nice of the bookers to troll me by coming up with a no contest finish to what was a very good match.  While my initial reaction was ‘what in the hell?’ while wondering if one or both of them was legit injured, the next night on RAW showed there is a method to the madness. We’ll see how it goes.
  • Sami Zayn vs Chris Jericho – These are two of my favorites so of course I was dialed in for this one.  They had a pretty good match here, but not a real show stopper.  Jericho winning clean surprised me even though I did pick him to win.
  • Women’s Title Match: Charlotte (c) vs Bayley vs Sasha Banks – I had Charlotte winning here so I was right on that front.  Match was pretty good, the ending was a bit different than what I imagined.  They got 15 minutes, but it felt shorter as I watched it. I expected more involvement from Dana Brooke in the outcome and Charlotte won quasi-clean.  I’m guessing the endgame here is to sow some simmering discord between Bayley and Sasha that results in a Sasha heel turn.  I like the run Charlotte is on here; she’s best in the role they have her in.  As a face she just didn’t have much going.
  • U.S. Title Match: Rusev (c) vs Roman Reigns – This of course is the Haters Gonna Hate match. If you’re a Roman hater then you were probably dialing up hot takes to fire off on Twitter right up until the end came and you started screaming ‘WWHHHYYYY?’ either online or in real life.  Roman has good matches and this was no excpetion but it wasn’t as good as some of his other pay per matches.  I’m guessing your feelings depend on whether or not you’re a Roman hater.  If you are….well…..too bad.  Go cry on your keyboard.
    • Universal Title Match: Kevin Owens (c) vs Seth Rollins – I actually liked this better than the Summerslam match between Seth and Finn Balor.  It definitely kept my attention better and it wasn’t derailed by people chanting about the belt.  They probably could have shaved a few minutes off of it and given the opener some more time.  As far as the finish, I saw some people upset with it but it made sense to me. Owens wasn’t losing in his first defense, and you don’t want Seth losing clean for crying out loud. Jericho interfering makes sense because they’re partners and you want to don’t want to bring HHH back out just yet.  

    Overall verdict
    Lots of storyline stuff here.  The matches were all well done, but nothing really moved me the way the Women’s Title and World Title matches did at Backlash. I’ll probably check it out one more time but this isn’t something I’ll be dialing up over and over.  I’d give it a B.

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