Ok, if you’re like me you saw the trailer and you’re ready to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi RIGHT NOW.  But unfortunately we have to wait until December 15.  So for now, enjoy this poster.

But that’s not all.  Between now and then we’re going to be swamped with rumors, speculation, ‘leaks’, and Lord knows what else.  Do yourself a favor and don’t go down those rabbit holes.  Most of that stuff is going to be false anyway and if you do stumble across something true then you’re just spoiling things for yourself. And why do that?  And if we get a repeat of ‘OMG! Reshoots!’ like we did with Rogue One last year, just ignore it.  Lots of films have reshoots and they don’t mean anything.   

Now what am I most excited for?  Two words: Luke Skywalker.  Luke and Batman were my first two heroes, and to see Luke in action at least one more time will be like it was for some wrestling fans to see Goldberg one more time. The other thing will be one more chance to see Carrie Fisher as Leia.  It will be bittersweet of course, as we lost Carrie at the end of 2016. I hope we get a fitting send off for Leia; one thing I really wish we got in The Force Awakens was a reunion of the big three of Han, Luke, and Leia.  We won’t get that at all now, unfortunately, but maybe we’ll get Luke and Leia together again.  

But all in all, new trailer, new poster, and soon a new movie.  Life is good for us Star Wars fans, both those who were down from day one and all our newer contemporaries.


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