I’ve mostly stayed on the sidelines when it came to talking about Roman Reigns since he came back, mainly because I was tired. I’d unloaded damn near every thought I had, found as much factual information to back up my opinions, and I think I covered every angle there was on the man’s career. So to be honest I didn’t think I had much else to say. For one we had no idea if he was going to truly be back or if this return was a glimmer of hope that would be quickly dashed. But now it looks like he’s good to go for the duration, and now he’s back in the position he was when he had to go out. And the question we all had, whether or not the Roman Reigns haters would become vocal again, has been answered with a resounding yes. So here we are, with Roman challenging for the main title for his show in a match that very well may be the main event of WrestleMania this year.

Which means that for all intents and purposes the Roman Reigns Wars might be resuming. I encourage anyone who is a Roman Reigns fan to just mute or block anyone who tries to give you a bunch of crap for being a fan of his. Don’t click on the clickbait stories that are sure to keep coming in as we get closer to the show. In short don’t give anyone trying to rain on your parade the time of day, because they don’t deserve it. Now I was going to try to do some eloquent spiel about how this matchup and the hoopla around it was symbolic of a lot of the arguments and commentary we see on twitter every day and all, but let’s keep it simple. Some people have their reasons why this is the worst thing ever, and outside of personal preference I find those reasons to be full of crap.

So let’s get to it. Time to set em up and knock em down!

Roman didn’t earn it

Now the rumor originally was that there was going to be a Men’s Chamber match to determine who got to challenge for the Universal Title, and that Roman would win. When Goldberg issued his open challenge and Roman answered it, that sparked some complaining that there wasn’t any kind of setup to the match being announced be it the chamber match or a gauntlet match or whatever. OK, let’s look at some of the ways people have ‘earned’ world title matches over the years, shall we? Let’s see, there’s….

  • Attack the champion, and in some cases injure them. Because nothing says you’re worthy of a title match like committing assault and battery. That happened multiple times last year and has happened in every company that’s been around for more than five minutes.
  • Pin the champion in a tag team match. That happened in AEW and New Japan last year, and it doesn’t make any sense either. How does pinning the champion in a tag team match with two or four other guys participating suggest that you might be able to beat them in a singles match? Doesn’t stop it from happening, though.
  • Try to buy the championship first, like Ted DiBiase did to Hulk Hogan. Hogan said no, but Ted did get some title matches for his trouble!
  • Just asking for it. In 2018 in New Japan there were back to back title defenses by Kazuchika Okada that happened because someone just walked to the ring and asked him.

Now if you think that last one might be ok any other time but that doing it for WrestleMania is just wrong let’s take a look at this:

Now here Andre just came out here, said ‘you suck, fight me’. And then one week later…..

So Andre is fed up with Hogan’s crap, says ‘fight me dude, AT WRESTLEMANIA’, Hogan says yes. No tournaments, no battle royals, no number one contenders match, nothing. So if you’re acting like Roman answering an open challenge and getting a title match is a bridge too far……….sorry dude, you’re wrong on this one.

But that’s not it. There are more excuses, oops I mean reasons people are giving to not be happy about this. Like…..

It Didn’t Need to be for the Title!!

Why not just make this match without the title, and let John Cena vs The Fiend be the title match? Oh the irony. OK first up, if the Fiend went into Mania as champion he wasn’t going to come out that way. Those of you smoking whatever it is that made you think he should go all the way to Summerslam or further as champion need to get some help. That wasn’t going to happen. So that means that you’re out here rooting for JOHN FREAKING CENA of all people to win another World Championship. All of you suckers who booed that man every time he hit the ring, who get on here and throw out all kinds of names of people who should have either beaten him or should have won the title instead of him getting it again are now out here saying he should win it? Really? Really? Y’all that salty about this that you’re getting on Al Gore’s internet and saying that John Cena should win again? Wow………

Your options were Roman beating the Fiend at Mania or what we’re getting now. Cena winning number 17 isn’t a thing that’s happening right now because he’s probably got a movie set to head to after the show’s over. This way it’s possible that the Fiend is going to beat Cena instead of losing to the man you hate, Roman Reigns. Y’all bellyached so much about not wanting Roman to beat the Fiend that maybe Vince just said ‘ok fine, we won’t do that’. Be careful what you wish for, right? Some of y’all aren’t gonna be happy any time Roman Reigns and World or Universal Title are mentioned in the same sentence, no matter how we end up there. And there was a time when I would have fired off a bunch of data points and historical precedents to make my case as to why you were dead wrong and needed to lighten up. But today……….not doing that anymore. He’s the top full time guy in the company from a business aspect, nothing else matters. Get over it, boo all you want if you’re in the building and go cry in the car on your way home. In other words:

Oh but it’s not about Roman, you say? It’s about the other guy in the match….so you’re saying you don’t want it because:

Old guys are bad

Goldberg is 53, and for some people that’s a bridge too far. Ok, if that’s just your preference that’s fine. But say so and leave it there. Stop talking as if it’s some objective fact that having a 53 year old guy essentially work two matches – the one where he wins the title and the one where he likely will lose it – is a horrible thing. For one…..it’s a show. It’s not a shoot fight for crying out loud. A whole lot of y’all went to see Liam Neeson beat the crap out of people when he was 56, 60, and 62 years old in the Taken movies. You’ll go see a 50-something year old Tom Cruise do the same in Mission Impossible and he does his own stunts!! So Tom Cruise can hang off an airplane at 50-plus years old but Bill working a couple of short matches is an abomination because he’s too old? Now if you just don’t like that kind of thing across the board that’s fine but if you’re out here picking and choosing then you gotta own up to that and stop acting like you’re calling it down the middle here.

‘But what about making new stars?’ Well, Drew McIntyre is getting a shot at Brock Lesnar in the other top title match. Drew has been a wrestling twitter darling for a while and is 34 years old. Roman is 34. Becky Lynch is 33, Seth Rollins is 33, Bray Wyatt is 32. 23 year old Rhea Ripley will be in a big match with 33 year old Charlotte Flair. So there are plenty of people under the age of 35 in big spots all over the card. Now are any of them the Rock, Steve Austin or Hulk Hogan? No. But if that’s the bar you’re going to compare everyone to then most people aren’t going to measure up. You gotta let go of this idea that being that big is supposed to be the norm, that you can simply book someone into being that big, and that if the top people at the time don’t get there that it’s a failure of some kind. It’s not. Everyone I just mentioned has a very devoted corner of fans and in some instances have fans across several corners of the fanbase. And they are pushed at least as people who belong in big time matches and are worthy of winning major championships. That their names aren’t mentioned by people who don’t watch wrestling that you go to school or work with doesn’t mean they aren’t wrestling stars.

And let’s be real y’all spent damn near a decade booing John Cena for reaching that level so let’s not act like you’d support and appreciate it anyway.

So that’s my take. I’m looking forward to it. Goldberg vs Brock at Mania 33 was just under five minutes and was a great high octane sprint that stole the show. If we’re lucky we can get that again here. If not, it’s one match on a long show that the other matches can cover for. Either way I’m good and you know what? Y’all gonna be alright. So get over yourselves already. This isn’t 2016 or 2018; in 2020 Roman and his fans don’t have to justify a damn thing to anyone.

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