Extreme Rules 2021 Thoughts

I had not planned on writing about this.  Going in this screamed B level pay per view to get us to the draft, and only of the title matches was not a foregone conclusion going in.  And yet here I am because it turned out to be much more than that.  Liv Morgan vs Carmella … Continue reading Extreme Rules 2021 Thoughts


Hail to the Tribal Chief

I gotta start this off by saying that never before in the last six years did I think we would see this: https://twitter.com/WWERomanReigns/status/1388505017330642948?s=19 Roman Reigns has reached a level head and shoulders above everyone in the business right now and in doing so rejuvenated Paul Heyman's storied career and brought a level of performance out … Continue reading Hail to the Tribal Chief