WrestleMania 35 – KofiMania!!!

First, the easy stuff. Pre Show All the matches were fine. The Men's Battle Royal was fun and the Women's Battle Royal was ok, even though the stigma of the whole SmackDown side getting the shaft a few weeks ago is still there. The Raw Tag Team match was a good match, albeit a bit … Continue reading WrestleMania 35 – KofiMania!!!


Money in the Bank 2018/Takeover Chicago Thoughts

Takeover Chicago Three great, match of the year candidates. The opener for the tag titles is the best tag team match I've seen this year. Orney Lorcan and Danny Burch were made, winning over and earning the respect of a crowd that was cheering the more well known heels the Undisputed Era. Ricochet and Velveteen … Continue reading Money in the Bank 2018/Takeover Chicago Thoughts