My Ultimate Wrestlemania Challenge Card

So I took the Ultimate Wrestlemania Challenge that a few twitter friends were kicking around. The rules were simple; come up with a card of nine to ten matches from previous WrestleMania shows, making one big event. The catch is that you can only use people once so if you pick Shawn Michaels Iron Man … Continue reading My Ultimate Wrestlemania Challenge Card


Retro Recap – WrestleMania 27

WrestleMania 27 marked a crossroads of sorts for the company.  We were nine years into the first brand split, and there had been an exodus of some pretty big names: Shawn Michaels to retirement, Batista to MMA (and eventually Hollywood), and Chris Jericho (back to the music business).  The Undertaker had been absent for months, … Continue reading Retro Recap – WrestleMania 27

Retro Recap – WWE Armageddon 2000

I was a little bored today, so I checked out WWE Armageddon 2000 on the WWE Network. Armageddon took place in December of 2000, about a month or so after Stone Cold Steve Austin returned to the ring after almost a year out of action.  And things had changed a lot during his absence.  The … Continue reading Retro Recap – WWE Armageddon 2000

Why I don’t pine for the Attitude Era (UPDATED)

Note: I originally wrote this back in 2015, but after watching the Steve Austin biography on A&E I felt like going back and revisiting it. I made a few revisions and swapped out some names and dates to make it current. "It used to be better" That is the battle cry of many fans above … Continue reading Why I don’t pine for the Attitude Era (UPDATED)