Retro Recap – WrestleMania 6

It's been a while since I've done one of these, and with 'Mania being around the corner I figured I'd get back on the old bicycle. WrestleMania 6 was the first one that I watched live, on something called closed circuit TV. Pay per view was alive and well but the WWF decided to show … Continue reading Retro Recap – WrestleMania 6


Retro Recap – Bunkhouse Stampede

The Bunkhouse Stampede was the second attempt at pay per view for Jim Crockett Promotions and the NWA just two months after their first try, Starrcade 87, was dealt a pretty heavy blow by one Vince McMahon putting the screws to the cable companies and running an event on the same day. It was also … Continue reading Retro Recap – Bunkhouse Stampede

Retro Recap – Great American Bash 1988

I was inspired to go back and look at this by the shark cage Chris Jericho is going to be in at the Rumble, because this one had such a match on the card.  More on that later.  What's more interesting about this one is that it was essentially the last hurrah for the Four … Continue reading Retro Recap – Great American Bash 1988

Retro Recap – Clash of the Champions I

With Clash of the Champions making a return as an event this coming Sunday I thought it would be cool to take a look back at the original one that happened almost 20 years ago way back in 1988.  Unlike this year's show the first was a strike back at the WWF by Jim Crockett's … Continue reading Retro Recap – Clash of the Champions I

Retro Recap: NWA Starrcade 86

Another Retro Recap here, this one for Starrcade 86 - Night of the Skywalkers.  This one was the last one before the NWA ventured into Pay-Per-View, and wasn't available in its entirety for us little people until the WWE Network came into existence.  (One more reason to order the Network if you haven't already.  It's … Continue reading Retro Recap: NWA Starrcade 86

Retro Recap – Starrcade 87

Starrcade 87 was the NWA's first foray into pay per view, and it didn't go particularly well on the business side.  Starrcade had become a Thanksgiving tradition for the NWA and was one of the biggest days on the wrestling calendar. second to only WrestleMania.  So of course when pay per view became a thing, … Continue reading Retro Recap – Starrcade 87