Thank You Bruno

The news came down today that Bruno Sammartino passed away at 82 years old. If you don't know, Bruno wasn't just the first big star for what was then the World Wide Wrestling Federation, he was champion for almost eight years uninterrupted and was the prototype for what would come later with Hulk Hogan, the … Continue reading Thank You Bruno


Retro Recap – NWA Great American Bash 1989

Time for another retro recap, this one for the 1989 Great American Bash put on by the NWA.  The show was their third pay per view event of 1989, two months after Wrestle War 89 (which I recapped here a few days ago) and was headlined by a World Title Match where returning  legend Terry … Continue reading Retro Recap – NWA Great American Bash 1989

Retro Recap: NWA Starrcade 86

Another Retro Recap here, this one for Starrcade 86 - Night of the Skywalkers.  This one was the last one before the NWA ventured into Pay-Per-View, and wasn't available in its entirety for us little people until the WWE Network came into existence.  (One more reason to order the Network if you haven't already.  It's … Continue reading Retro Recap: NWA Starrcade 86

Retro Recap: NWA Wrestle War 89

Thanks to WWE Network, I have another Retro Recap.  This one is for WCW (then still called the NWA) Wrestle War 1989.  This was the second pay per view show after Ted Turner bought the company from Jim Crockett, and the difference was pretty clear.  When Turner took over and put Jim Herd in charge … Continue reading Retro Recap: NWA Wrestle War 89

Greatest Hits – WWE

For those of you who are just joining me here, here's some of my WWE stuff from the old blog site. On the challenge to Daniel Bryan fans after WrestleMania 30: On Sting's in-ring arrival to the WWE at Survivor Series: On the 2015 Royal Rumble On what I think was the … Continue reading Greatest Hits – WWE